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Facilities Management
Special Education and Pupil Services
Instructional Media Center
Information Technology
Professional Advisory Committee
Learning Services
Learning Services Dev
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Send email to David Lockett David Lockett 
Learning Services
Executive Director of Learning Services
(715) 720-2029
Send email to Kristen Gundry Kristen Gundry 
Learning Services
Learning Services Associate Director
(715) 720-2045
Send email to Stacey Boehm Stacey Boehm 
Learning Services
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment / DAC Consultant
(715) 720-2068
Send email to Gregg Butler Gregg Butler 
Learning Services
Off-Campus Principal
(715) 833-6436
Send email to Nancy Estrem-Fuller Nancy Estrem-Fuller 
Learning Services
Educator Effectiveness Implementation Coach
(715) 720-2057
Send email to John Goodman John Goodman 
Learning Services
Coordinator: DL, CTE, YA, ACP
(715) 720-2033
Send email to Terri Grzyb Terri Grzyb 
Learning Services
IMC Coordinator and Budgets Specialist
(715) 720-2028
Send email to Kimberly Hill Kimberly Hill 
Learning Services
Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
(715) 720-2031
Send email to Quinn Hrdlicka Quinn Hrdlicka 
Learning Services
Off Campus Guidance Counselor/Coordinator
Send email to Jenna Hughes Jenna Hughes 
Learning Services
Distance Learning & Youth Apprenticeship Specialist
(715) 720-2027
Send email to Neil Johnson Neil Johnson 
Learning Services
Educational Technology Consultant
(715) 720-2127
Send email to Jamie Kampf Jamie Kampf 
Learning Services
Distance Learning Operations Manager
(715) 720-2025
Send email to Sarah Lipke Sarah Lipke 
Learning Services
Erate / Media & Technology Integration Consultant
(715) 720-2069
Send email to Lynne Maslowski Lynne Maslowski 
Learning Services
Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
(715) 720-2038
Send email to Ellen Mihm Ellen Mihm 
Learning Services
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment Consultant
(715) 720-2039
Send email to Michelle Parks Michelle Parks 
Learning Services
Mathematics Consultant
(715) 720-2034
Send email to Diane Plantz Diane Plantz 
Learning Services
Educational Technology Consultant
(715) 720-2026
Send email to Kris Rangel Kris Rangel 
Learning Services
Title I Consultant
(715) 720-2049
Send email to Jake Schoeder Jake Schoeder 
Learning Services
LS Consultant
(715) 720-2030
Send email to Glen Schraufnagel Glen Schraufnagel 
Learning Services
Distance Learning and CTE Consultant
(715) 720-2131
Send email to Ginny Shoemaker Ginny Shoemaker 
Learning Services
Program Assistant
(715) 720-2038
Send email to Isaac Walters Isaac Walters 
Learning Services
Distance Learning Instructional Coach
(715) 720-2125
Send email to Cory Welke Cory Welke 
Learning Services
Educational Consultant
(715) 720-2036
Send email to Karen Whitmire Karen Whitmire 
Learning Services
Budgets & Grants Specialist
(715) 720-2056
Send email to Carol Zabel Carol Zabel 
Learning Services
WI Safe and Healthy Schools/ LS Gifted & Talented Consultant
(715) 720-2145
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