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PPA Information and Training Materials

The purpose of the Professional Performance Appraisal (PPA) is to facilitate the continuous improvement process for all employees, to inform decisions related to professional development and compensation and to ensure that all employees—regardless of position or classification—have the opportunity to contribute to the mission and vision of the agency. All employees will utilize the electronic assessment tool beginning in 2014-15.  Click here for directions on how to use the electronic assessment tool (My Learning Plan).


PPA Part 1 SLO PPA Part 2 Self Evaluation PPA Part 3 Final Evalulation Example SLO Smart Goal Description

The Professional Performance Appraisal is comprised of three parts:  Service and Leadership Objectives (SLOs), Self-Evaluation, and Final Evaluation.

Part I: Service and Leadership Objectives (SLOs)

  • The employee will identify at least two SLOs:
  • At least one SLO must be related to individual performance and aligned with the job description for the position held.
  • At least one SLO must be related and supportive of the respective department’s goals. The latter is also designed to undergird the agency’s long-term strategic goals. 
  • Employees must have their SLOs approved by their supervisor (by August 1 for 12-month employees; October 1 for 9-month employees; or within six weeks of hire date).


Part II: Self-Evaluation

  • The employee will assess his/her performance using the template provided, citing examples or evidence in the “Comments” section.
  • The self-evaluation and final evaluation will center on six “standards,” which are described below:


Exhibits quality through thoroughness and accuracy.


Demonstrates knowledge and skills needed to perform required tasks.


Functions as a team member and demonstrates cooperation.


Demonstrates professionalism and dependability in setting and meeting commitments/timelines.


Communicates effectively with others.


Plans, organizes, and implements individual workload.

  • As a part of the self-evaluation, the employee will review the job description for the position he/she holds and provide feedback regarding revisions or suggestions for improvement of the job description.


Part III: Final Evaluation

  • The evaluator will assess the employee’s performance using the instrument provided. 
  • The evaluator will schedule a face-to-face meeting to review the performance evaluation.
  • The evaluator will provide feedback or suggestions regarding the employee’s SLOs for the coming year. (Note: The evaluator will approve SLOs by August 1 for 12-month employees; October 1 for 9-month employees or within six weeks of hire date for new employees.)
  • The employees overall rating on the final evaluation will be utilized when determining professional compensation for the following year.









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